Internet Marketing

Integrating Your Online Strategy with Your Business Objectives

Your online strategy should complement your other marketing activities. This is why working with a business professional rather than a graphic designer or programming expert will provide you with a holistic marketing strategy rather than a piecemeal one!

Do you have a Website?  Is it making you Money?

Many businesses have a website which is an “online brochure” that very few people get to see; and when prospects do find the site they either leave before buying/taking the action the website should be designed to facilitate.

Like every aspect of business, measuring the effectiveness of your online presence is critical to ensure you are not just throwing money at IT “experts” and getting nothing more than a warm feeling (and no income).  We can help you develop an online strategy that is:

  • Aimed at your target demographic
  • Captures their information for ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Considers the six factors of influence and persuasion to improve your “bang for your buck”
  • Measures expenditure and income

The Components of an Integrated Online Strategy

An internet strategy should vary according to the type of business, target market, demographic factors and target market purchasing trends.  Your strategy could include any or all of the following:

  • Website
    • “Most Wanted Response” (MWR) from visitors
    • Capturing email addresses
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Google advertising
    • Yahoo/Bing (MSN) advertising
  • Social Media such as:
    • Facebook
    • Linked In
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter